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Dry Adjika

Net Weight: 3.5oz (100g)

Dry Adjika, one of the most popular seasonings from Georgia, is a spicy garlic salt seasoning. Chile peppers are not native to Georgia, but they came into the region through Silk Road trade routes from India. The people of the Mingrelia region mixed the typical blends of herbs, with these exotic spices to create adjika. Suneli Valley Dry Adjika is a medium in terms of spice level – the Megrelians typically make the hottest version, while milder versions can be found throughout the country. In addition, ours is finely ground for ease of use compared to traditional versions which tend to be coarser. With balanced earthy notes and the right amount of heat, Adjika goes well with a variety of dishes including fish, meat, soups, etc…



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  1. milalyud (verified owner)

    High-quality. Very delicious.

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